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Barbara Williams

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10/20/14 03:09 PM #1    

Catha Swann (Stewart)



Barbara Williams, we use to call her  "Sue" was so cool with me from Langley Jr. High, 7th grade to 12th grade @ McKinley Tech.  We hung out like sisters just about everywhere and with other class sisters (Thirese Lewis, Cheryl Mitchell, Benita Stevenson, Snookie, Kimberly McCray, Jacqueline Merritt, Diane Reese, and so many more) [Forgive me on name spelling] many times. I remember the fun we had on a school field trip on the back of the bus and getting lost from others on purpose at some amusement park in NJ (I think Six-Flags).  We always had a plan. We never disagreed about anything cause we took life as it came.  We were so happy to see each other but most of all we looked out for each and enjoyed laughing at our teachers and boys picking on us.  

Learning I had to attended Sue's funeral was of course a sad day for me but I was glad I was able to be there for her.  Just a couple of years ago, I attended Sue's Mother's funeral and a few Lions and Techites were there.  Sue had a  bright personality, crazy spirit, beautiful smile and very career minded.  She is one of the dear friends I've lost, we've lost but I'll always remember her as my girl with the goodies, however I'm hoping someday we meet up again in heaven and rejoice like Angels do.  So thankful we grew up together as speical friends.   Catha Swann (Stewart). 

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